I. General Guidelines School colors:

Shirts - Burgundy polo shirts

Pants -light color khaki pants/ jumpers


a. No visible piercing is allowed except for earrings for young ladies.


I.     Boys Uniform Regulations

a. Young men are encouraged to wear burgundy polo shirts. Turtlenecks, mock turtlenecks, and Henley (front-buttoning knit) shirts are acceptable.

b. Pants must be clean, neat, and in good condition. Excessively baggy pants are not permitted.

c.      Hair must be neatly groomed at all times and not be longer than collar length.


II.   Girls Uniform Regulations


a.     Pants are preferred due to recess and physical education activities, khaki jumpers are permitted. Long dresses or skirts (to the ankle) may be appropriate ONLY for special occasions.

b.     Blouses and shirts should be modest in appearance. Tunic (knit) tops may not be worn. Crop tops (above the abdomen) and net shirts are not permitted. Sheer blouses are not permitted.

c.      Hair must always be clean and neat. Extreme hairstyles, colors, or decorations are unacceptable.

d. Spandex leggings or form-fitting pants are not acceptable unless worn under a knee long jumper.