AIM School


AIM School @ Ummah Center

24050 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station, OH 44028 (Northeast Ohio)

Ummah Center AIM School - A new non-profit, private school starting in 2023 at the Ummah Center in Columbia Station, OH. We are starting AIM School with the purpose of "Raising leaders of tomorrow through nurturing unique islamic identity". 

The school is a full-time academic & islamic school.  In Shaa’ Allah, we will launch the school in academic year 2023, serving students from PreK-3 to 5th grade. And we will add new grade level every following year in order to continue serving students all the way to 12th grade.

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At AIM School, we strive to have a strong academic programs for our children, unique and structured Arabic and Islamic studies, extra curricular activities, Islamic Cognitive Model, and building physical and mental health for our children. 

Core Values

Family-oriented - Diversity - Faith-based - Teamwork - Moderation

Introduction Video

Starting in August 28th, 2023