Frequently Asked Questions


Where is the school located?

The school building is at Ummah Center, located at:

24050 Royalton Rd, Columbia Station, OH 44028


Is AIM School a full time or weekend school?

AIM School is an Islamic full-time academic coed school.

What grades will be taught at the school?

In Sha’ Allah we will launch the school in academic year 2023, serving students from PreK-3 to 5th grade, initially. In Sha' Allah, We will add new grade level every following year in order to continue serving students all the way to 12th grade.

How much is the tuition at AIM School?

Do you teach normal classes like Math and language arts?

Yes, AIM is an Islamic full-time academic school where students get Math, science, language arts, and other classes in line with “Ohio Board of Education” learning standards.

What is the AIM School’s philosophy?

AIM School is Islamic-based, purpose-driven school incorporating excellence and moderation as our core values. Our philosophy is based on The AIM Way which focuses on:

1. Strong academic performance and State accreditation

2. Quran memorization with comprehension, and proper Islamic Education

3. Mastery of the Arabic language

4. Building the Islamic Cognitive Model [in-depth knowledge, Faith-based analytical thinking and problem-solving skills, systematic approach, understanding reality and respecting Islamic heritage]

5. Children’s Physical and mental well-being

6. Connecting Students with the right role models

7. Teamwork and purpose-deriving extracurricular activities


You can read more about The Aim Way here.

Will you have middle and high schools?

We will add new grade level every following year in order to continue serving students all the way to 12th grade.

What time will the school start daily?

The school will open its doors for students drop off starting at 7:45 till 8:05 AM. The school program will start at 8:15 AM.

How will you deliver strong academic performance?

The AIM School academic success will be built on three pillars:

1-    Qualified and professional teachers

2-    Well-designed strong curriculum

3-    Strong parent engagement.

How will you monitor academic progress?

Strong academic performance is one of the important goals of our school. We will measure the performance of students i.e., how well students are progressing in gaining knowledge and skills

in line with “Ohio Board of Education” learning standards. Performance of the students will be monitored through the MAP testing tools and Ohio Board of Education standardized testing.

What is the MAP testing tools?

MAP Growth is the most trusted and innovative assessment for measuring achievement and growth for K–12 schools in math, reading, language usage, and science. It provides teachers with accurate, actionable evidence to help inform instructional strategies regardless of how far students are above or below grade level. It also connects to the largest set of instructional content providers, giving educators flexibility in curriculum choices.


Do you hire professional teachers?

Yes. Our aim is to hire qualified/subject-specialized, highly-trained teachers.

What will students learn at the completion of the academic year?


the students will learn curriculums that meets the Ohio Board of Education recommendations.

Islamic Studies: 

The program will prepare students to memorize Quran with simple tafseer over the 8-year program.

Arabic language: 

The 8-year program will prepare students to have a competency level similar to native-Arabic speakers.


Will the school be officially accredited, so students can transfer from it?



We are interested in reviewing a course outline for every grade.

Curriculum outline will be available for parents online in the coming months.


Will you do interactive teaching, or will it be lecture format?

We will offer modern learning experience to empower and support Students' learning journey.

Will there be fun activities that will engage students? Will the curriculum be inspiring, intellectual or the usual “fear of the hellfire” rhetoric?

Our educational philosophy is built on a balance between unique structured Islamic & Academic curriculums and extracurricular & character-building activities


How much time will kids spend on Arabic & Islamic studies daily?

Our goal is to build a unique Islamic identity through: Structured Arabic Curriculum, Mastery-level of Quran Tajweed, 8-year Hifz program with focus on Tafseer, interactive systematic Fiqh and connecting students with the right Islamic role-models.

There will be three classes daily, one for Arabic, one for Islamic Studies, and a third one for Quran.


How is the school differentiated from other Islamic education options?

We have a unique approach to Arabic, Islamic and Academic education; in addition to strong community and parent engagement.


How will the administration promise a structured environment to those parents concerned about AIMs infancy (i.e., Compared to other established Islamic schools)?

The school founders understand the challenges that Cleveland community is facing, and the AIM School is built to meet the community needs and inspirations. We had established a proven educational process “The AIM Way” to deliver guaranteed outcome, in sha’ Allah. In addition, we are making our goals public so our community can hold us accountable to it.


At what age will girls have to wear hijab?

Wearing Hijab will be encouraged and supported at AIM School. Hijab is required during prayers.


Will boys be separated from girls at 6th grade and above?

This depends on number of students in classes beyond 5th grade. AIM school would encourage having separate classes, however we know this is practically challenging and may be costly too if there are not enough students per class.


What is the background of this school?

Our school based on the Sunni Madh’hab.


Will there be an after-school activities; sports and Islamic (like a Hifz program)?

Yes, there will be after school activities and programs. Hifz program however is a main component of the school curriculum. An 8-year Hifz program with focus on Tafseer will be implemented for our students.

Further details about after school program will be provided as we approach the beginning of the school year.


Do you have tutors for extra help?

Our teachers are certified and highly trained to address student's individual needs for academic program.

For Arabic and Islamic studies, tutors may be available to support struggling kids.


Do you have ESL teachers?

No. However, our teachers are certified and highly trained to address student's individual needs.


Will the school provide IEP for students with special needs?



Is there any morning/afternoon program for kindergarten or only full day?

KG is a full-time program.


What is the cut-off date for KG admission?

Child must be 5 years old by September 30th.


Does AIM School Accept EdChoice Vouchers?

Not currently. AIM will be striving to get ODE accreditation to be qualified for the EdChoice Vouchers. The ODE accreditation process can take up to 24 months to complete.  


Do you offer scholarships for the student?

Not currently. However, we welcome the support and contribution from our community to establish our scholarship program.


What about transportation?

We are currently evaluating transportation options for Cleveland and its suburbs.


Will there be a lunch program?

We will not have lunch program during initial years of the school.


Will women share in leadership positions in the school?

We aim to hire the most qualified principal, teachers, and staff regardless of gender.


Do you have a male teachers for boys?

We hire teachers based on their experience and certifications regardless of gender. We also realize the importance of providing the corresponding role model for each gender to allow better connection and relationship. AIM is actively working to hire the right people.


How secure is your building?

Our students’ safety is number one priority. The building is highly secure, and the staff will be well trained to address all students’ safety and well-being needs.


How open will you be to hearing parents’ feedback?

Parent engagement is one of the key pillars that our school will be built on. A Parents-Teachers Council (PTC) will be established, with monthly meeting, to ensure a continuous feedback and collaboration.


What would the school need to complete opening classes till high school? how can we help with that?

AIM will serve elementary school and 6th grade, initially. Our aim is to add a new grade-level every following year so we can serve students up to 12th Grade, In Sha’ Allah. We will need the support and trust of our community to enroll their children into the school program.

When mentioning Islamic cognitive model, what do you mean? And how will your school build it up?

Islamic Cognitive Model refers to the unique intellectual process established by Muslim scholars and adopted by Muslim nation all through our history. It is the process which enables any Muslim to identify changes and face challenges around them, properly communicate with others, analyze what they come across according to their strong knowledge-based faith, and respecting the Islamic heritage and realizing the society they live in.  


The school has robust well-structured curriculums in Islamic and non-Islamic subjects that used modern ways of education, and suits children needs to fulfill their roles as future leaders of the community.


My kid is in 4th grade, and he does not know Arabic, do you accept him? And if yes what is your plan to work with him?

All students will undergo an assessment test prior to admission and based on it, kids will be assigned to the proper level they fit into. In addition, ECA focused on kids need as well as community support will to allow children to catch up with their peers in a timely fashion.


My kid is in 2nd grade, and he is advanced Arabic level, what is your plan to work with him?

All students will undergo an assessment test prior to admission and based on that, kids will be assigned to the proper level they fit into. Advanced kids will be giving the opportunity to lead their activity groups.


Both parents are working, what is your after-school program looking like?

The school is currently looking into that. Based on the size of our classes and staff members, school will make decisions regarding after-school program. Stay fine-tuned for now.


What are the criteria the school using to select kids if any?

All students will be required to submit transfer request and/or prior school cards/records (if applicable) during time of enrollment. All children will undergo an assessment test prior to admission. For Quran/Arabic/Islamic studies (QAIS) kids will be assigned to the proper level they fit into.


For additional questions, please contact us at: info@aim-school.org